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The Perfect Visual Aids For Door Knocking

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 (4) Double-Sided Visual Aids For Solar Sales

8 Solar Visual Aids Total

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I started in the door 2 door industry in 2011. I’ve sold pest control, alarms & now solar. While I’ve had much success over the years production-wise, I struggled to break through beating my best weeks. The applied training from Authentic helped me burst through my biggest week with 23 solar loans closed. 

Danny and his team of trainers teach you their secret sauce & “word for word” nuggets that you can literally use to close deals. It literally helped me 10x my income by just tweaking a few things differently. Thank you, Danny and Authentic. Best sales program in the industry. 
- Jared Ioelu 

More Deals Made, 
Less Homeowners Lost

If you use these visual aids to help your customers visually understand the service you are offering, you'll instantly make your sales process simpler without leaving the homeowner confused or leaving money on the table. 

The Perfect Visual Aids For Door Knocking

Each double-sided, laminated visual aid SHOWS the customer specific triggers related to your product offering on the doors that builds value in THEIR mind.

Don't lose another sale On The Doors because you can't explain how it works! 

Using these visual aid slicks at the right time and place could be the difference between a homeowner saying, "I don't understand..." and "Oh, I get it now..."
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